Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - 26th November 2014 - Books Over 500 Pages

So again this week was really tough i found out that i mainly read books that are in the 400s and not the 500+ so I'm just gonna get started I'm gonna do it in Page number's

So at number 5 its

Where Rainbows End - Cecelia Ahern (Love, Rosie)

Pages - 566 Pages 

Since Childhood, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But they're suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Rosie is lost without him. Then, just as she's about to join Alex in Boston, she gets life-changing news - News that will keep her at home in Ireland.

Their magical connection remains but can their friendship survive the years and miles - as well as new relationships? And always in the back of Rosie's mind is whether they were meant to be more that just good friends all along. Misunderstandings, Circumstance's and sheer bad luck have kept them apart - until now. But will they gamble everything - including their friendship - on true love? And what twists and surprises does fate have in store for them this time . . . ?   

At number 4 its 
The House Of Hades - Rick Riordan 

Pages - 583 Pages

House of Hades is the 4th book in the Heroes Of Olympus Series and i cannot really say much about this book because it is the 4th book in the series  

At number 3 it is 

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead 

Pages - 588

Last Sacrifice is the last book in the Vampire Academy series, Vampire Academy follow a girl named Rose Hathaway who has to make it through school with her best friend who might be going crazy and her hot new mentor training to kill and protect vampires. 

Coming in at number 2 is 

City Of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare 

Pages - 733

CoHF is the last book in The Mortal Instruments series, Cassandra Clare is an amazing author and this book is the biggest in the series by far and is one of my favourite books of the year .

Finally at number 1 we have

Order Of The Phoenix - J. K Rowling 

Pages - 766 

If you haven't read this book where have you been the last like 10 years. 

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