Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - Re-Reads - 10th December 2014

So i didn't do T5W last week because i had some thing i needed too do and didn't get round to it but I'm back this week and this week was kind of difficult for me i only really started re-reading books this year so most of them are from the same series but i managed to get 5 that were from all different series so lets get started ...


United We Spy - Ally Carter

I love Re-Reading this book but mainly the ending to this book ( if you have read this book its Liz's graduation speech) and it just makes me smile and there are so many OH S**T moments


City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

I hated this book when i first read it i thought it was stupid and over rated but then this year before CoHF came out i re-read it and i completely fell in love with it i don't know why all of a sudden my view was changed but I'm very glad i re-read this book 


Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone - J K Rowling

I have only read this book twice as i didn't read this book until 2011 and i loved it but back then i wasn't really into re-reading books i just wanted to read all the new books i was getting my hands on but last year (2013) i read it again and remembered why i fell in love with this world so much, and will be re reading this book again and again.


Vampire Academy  - Richelle Mead 

I first read Vampire Academy in August of 2010 and fell in love with a world that has stayed with me over 4 years on, i have re-read this book to many times to count it hold so many great memories for me that all come rushing back when i pick this book up.


Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer 

Eclipse was the first ever book i re-read as i have said before i didn't read Twilight and New moon because i had just seen the films and was ignorant to how different they are so i just jumped in and read eclipse so that was the start off my book obsession all the way back in November 2009 i read this book for the first time and i think i re read it around June of 2010 and i still love that book it like Vampire Academy hold many memories that come rushing back when i pick it up. 

Happy Reading 


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