Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - Worst Titles - 24th December 2014

So this months topics have been pretty dificult for me to choose the books for them and this was no differant, the some were straight on this list then there were some i debated on.

so lets get started. .. ..


Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

Now dont get me wrong i love this book and all the other titles are good but this book it makes it sound like just another Vampire novel and its so much more than that.


The Kings Curse - Philippa Gregory

Now this is a really petty reason for not liking a title, and that it that it was changed and i like the other one better, This book was origianly called The Last Roseand that title went with the rest of the seires where as this title kind of sticks out. 


Twilight - Stephenie Meyer 

i hate when book titles have nothing to do with the book and this is a prime example, yes its about Vampire and they only come out at night but these ones dont so it doesnt make any sense.


Strange Angels - Lili St Crow 

From the title you would think its a series about Angels but its not its about a girl who finds out she is half human half vampire, the other books in the series are fine they go with the series i have no clue what Strange Angels has to do with this book.


Are these my Basoomas i see before me - Louise Rennison 

really any title in this series makes me cringe to say aloud they are just really werid it makes me awkward when i have to talk about them so i dont and it kind of puts me off reading them in public. 

Have a Wonderful Christmas 


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