Friday, 2 January 2015

December / Christmas Book Haul

Hello and a Happy new year to you all This month i brought 17 books and they are...

The Queen - Kiera Cass - Kindle

The Queen follows Queen Amberly at her Selection and i have already read this book and it was good not the best in the series but it compliments the series well

You were mine - Abbi Glines - Kindle

You Were Mine is book 9 in the Rosemary Beach series and this one follows Bethy & Tripp. I have read this book andlike all the others in this series it was amazeballs.

The Duet - R S Grey - Kindle

When 27-year-old pop sensation Brooklyn Heart steps in front of a microphone, her love songs enchant audiences worldwide. But when it comes to her own love life, the only spell she’s under is a dry one.

So when her label slots her for a Grammy performance with the sexy and soulful Jason Monroe, she can’t help but entertain certain fantasies... those in which her G-string gets more play than her guitars'.

Only one problem. Jason is a lyrical lone wolf that isn’t happy about sharing the stage—nor his ranch — with the sassy singer. But while it may seem like a song entitled ‘Jason Monroe Is an Arrogant Ho’ basically writes itself, their label and their millions of fans are expecting recording gold…

They’re expecting The Duet.

Kiros Emily - Abbi Glines - Kindle 

The year is 1992, and no one on the rock music scene is hotter than Kiro Manning, the lead singer of Slacker Demon. With a multi-platinum record, total ownership of the Billboard charts, sold-out concerts, and sinful amounts of money, Kiro can have anything—and anyone—he wants.

So when a dark-haired, conservative beauty rebuffs him at a concert after-party, his first thought is, “Who the hell does she think she is?” His second thought: “How do I make her mine?” Kiro has always loved a good challenge, but not every girl wants to get involved with a rock god. Especially this girl.

He let her go that night, but he never forgot her. And when they met again, he vowed not to give up again so easily.

As the world worshipped Kiro, he came to worship the girl, who became everything he never knew he needed. The only girl he would ever love. His Emily.

The Rocker Who Holds Me - Terri Anne Browning - Kindle 

Touring with four rockers is the thing of dreams…

At least that is what people tell me. To me those four rockers are my family. They have watched over me from the time I was five years old. Protecting me from my mother and her drunken, drug addict rages. When they made it big they still watched over me. And when my monster of a mother died they took over as my guardians.

In the six years since that happened I have watched over the four men that
mean everything to me. I take care of them just as they once took care of me. I handle all the dirty work behind the scenes of a rockers life. It isn’t always pretty. At times it came be damn near disgusting, especially when I have to get rid of their one night stands. Ugh!

Taking care of them doesn’t bother me though. I mean it’s not like I’m in love with one of them. That would be crazy. Falling for a rocker is NOT smart.

Okay, so I’m not smart. I love my guys, and one of them kind of holds my heart in his big old rocker hand. But I’m dealing. I’ve been able to keep it my little secret for years now.
I’m not, however, dealing with this bug that I seem to have caught. It scares the hell out of me. I hate doctors, but I’m suddenly more worried about finding out what is wrong with me than what the doctor might do to me.

When I get my test results back my life will never be the same again…

The Rocker Who Savours Me - Terri Anne Browning - Kindle

Layla has had a hard life. On her own at a young age, always having to do what needed to be done just to survive. Now she has two other people depending on her and she needs a job fast before they get evicted. A job interview introduces her to Jesse Thornton, the delicious drummer for Demon’s Wings. He reminds her of all the mistakes of her past, but is also her hope for the future.

Jesse has never let anyone in. The only real family he has ever had are his band brothers and Emmie—the only woman he has ever loved. But then Layla comes into his life and he would do just about anything to get one taste. Can he move past his own insecurities and allow this woman into his heart?

For Christmas my brother gave me a  Waterstones gift voucher and when i went on the website i had 17 on my points card so in the end i had 47 and i brought 7 books and they are 

The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin 

This is the second book in the Mara Dyer Trilogy i read the first in October and i loved it but i was on a sort of book buying ban and didn't get around to getting it , so it was a no brainier and it was the first book i put into my cart. 

And the second was ...

The Retribution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin 

obviously i had to get the last book in the series i cannot stand it even if i end up not liking the first or second book i have to get the last just to complete the series or i will never know if i missed anything or if it gets better. 

Raging Star - Moira Young 

book 3 in the Dustlands trilogy i was meant to buy this book when it first came out but then i didn't get round to it, but then i read the second book this month and then remembered the last book.

Days of Blood & Starlight - Lani Taylor 

Another book i have been meaning to buy for a really long time but never did.

Finding It -Cora Carmack 

This is the third book in the Losing It Companion Series i own and have read the first two so decided to complete this series. 

Be With me - J Lynn 

I read this on my kindle back in July but i found out that the Physical copy was really expensive i was waiting till Christmas to buy it


Stay With Me - J Lynn 

Book 3 in the Wait For You Series again i read this book in October on my Kindle and now brought the physical copy.

Then i got some money from Family members and a Amazon Gift Card.

In the Boxing Day Sales i brought A Kindle Fire HDX because i have the Kindle touch and its pretty out dated and it was 200 down to 99 so i got that using my amazon gift card so i only paid 80 for it, then i went to my local book store and brought ....

The Queen of The Tearling - Erika Johanson 

It was a half price hardback and you never get that in waterstones its normally 2 off or 20% off but never half price so i brought it. 

Then i went into The Works and brought 

Inside HBO'S Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-4 

and this is just a behind the scenes look at how they made it and all that good stuff.

And finally i did get one book from my Mum and that was 

1914-1918 The First World War Remembered - Gary Sheffield 

And this is a massive book that has replica memorabilia and pull outs and just inspiring to look through especially 100 years on from the start.

Until next time Lovelies xxxxx 


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