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Lair of Dream - Libba Bray SPOILER FREE REVEIW

Title - Lair of Dreams 
Series - The Diviners 
Author - Libba Bray 
ISBN - 9781907410422
My Copy - Net Galley
My Rating - 4 / 5
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Amazon - Waterstones 
Genre - Ya - Paranormal 

So first things first if you read The Diviners a while ago, i  suggest before you read this book either read a review or re-read the book because it has been a while since i read the diviners and i completely forgot most of the characters. now onto the review

Personally for me this book was pretty slow to begin with, it seemed to be jumping from character to character, and i really didn't think i would get through it but once it got passed halfway it picked up and it ended up a really good book with lots of questions for the next.

So in Lair of Dreams it starts a while after the first book, with Evie now famous for being a diviner and has her own Radio show and then we have Sam who is trying to look for clues to a Government operation called Project Buffalo, we get the feel of a Love Triangle between Evie, Sam & Jericho. So after the last books antagonist Naughty John (who scared the living daylights out of me) this new antagonist i wasn't sure about at first but there is a sleeping sickness in Chinatown and its spreading and a new Diviner power is discovered it allows the Diviner to walk dreams and we meet many new characters along the way and its twist and turns central. With a dream monster luring people to dream forever, a love triangle, new diviners, and so much more.

If you are like me and think this book is slow to begin with please persevere it gets better i promise.

Spoiler Review COMING SOON!!!

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