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Until Friday Night - Abbi Glines SPOILER FREE Review

Title - Until Friday Night 
Series - The Field Party 
Author - Abbi Glines 
ISBN - 978-1-4711-2502-7
My Copy - Purchased From Amazon
My Rating -  5 / 5
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Amazon 
Genre - YA - Contemporary

So let me put a disclaimer here even though i have put this as YA its more for mature YA readers its got a bit of New Adult elements in it but thatis just a warning to people who are not fond of that in books.

Abbi Glines is a Auto Buy author for me so when i saw she was bringing out a new book i pre-ordered it and waited not so patiently for it to be released. When i first read the synopsis i was hooked i didn't read it till i had the book in my hand and it made me really excited to read it. 

Until Friday Night is set in Lawton, Alabama and it centres around West Ashby who is a Football (that is odd to call it that) Player and popular but he has a secret, his dad is slowly dying of cancer and he doesn't want to tell anyone. 

Maggie Carleton the new girl in Lawton has been Mute for two years since she experienced something so traumatic she doesn't think she will survive so she stops talking to protect herself. But when her cousins best friend West stats telling her his secrets she cannot keep quite anymore because he needs her to talk to tell him it will be OK. 
so from that first word, sparks a beautiful friendship with hopes of a relationship peaking through but they have many obstacles in their way the biggest Brady West's best friend and Maggie's Cousin he doesn't want anyone on his team even looking at Maggie so how will he react when they need each other to survive. 

I highly recommend this book it was emotional and heartbreakingly beautiful it was one of those books i wanted to read again straight after finishing. every emotion felt so real. 

So if you are a seasoned Abbi Glines fan or not i suggest you give this book a try  

Spoiler Review COMING SOON!!!

Until Next Time
Happy Reading 

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