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Dominic - L A Casey

Title - Dominic
Author - L.A Casey
Series - The Slater Brothers Series #1
ISBN - 9781496174093
My Copy - Purchased
Genre - New Adult > Romance
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*** WARNING *** 

I am just going to say before i start that some people will not like this book because Dominic is a possessive idiot and Bronagh is a foul mouthed stubborn cow most of the time
I had to get that out of the way before i say anything else otherwise people who don't like that sort of thing will waste their time reading a review of something they will never read. 
 Bronagh hates Dominic he is a cocky, arrogant arsehole who thinks the world shines out of his arse. But when he pushes her too far she vows never to see or speak to him again but that gets a little difficult when she finds out her older sister and guardian is dating Dominic's older brother, and that means she cant avoid him. When the Slater brothers past catches up with them in Dublin, will Bronagh get caught in the cross-fire, and can they ever get over the lie, teasing, and name calling or will they just fizzle out before they even begin.
In the beginning i thought this would be from Dominic's POV because its his name on the cover but when i started reading and saw that it was Bronagh i wasn't too disappointed but at the same time i wouldn't have minded seeing some thing from his POV. I really enjoyed reading from an Irish persons POV because the author writes things how an Irish person or someone from Dublin would usually talk like saying me instead of my, and the word idiot is Eejit. I liked this book i mean it could have been better in parts but you can say that about 99% of books now a days, but if i was going to compare it to anything i would compare it to Jamie McGuire's Beautiful and Maddox Brothers series because they are very similar, but then there are the differences that change everything and you can suddenly see them as two different series then comparing them. After finishing this book i brought the next book and also the first novella of this series, it is going to be a long series 3 books are currently out and there is still 3 more to come as well as two more novellas so i cant wait to see where this series goes. 

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