Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Malik - Lisa Helen Gray - Spoiler Free Review

Title - Malik
Author - Lisa Helen Gray
Series - The Carter Brothers #1
Genre - New Adult
My Copy- Purchased
Format - Kindle
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Barnes & Noble - Amazon UK - Amazon US
Harlow moves in with her Gram's after her parents murder&on her first day she becomes enemy number 1 to the most dangerous boy in school, and when one of the illustrious Carter brothers take an interest in her she becomes enemy #1 to all of the female population of the school.
Bullied, violated & trying to navigate a new relationship while grieving is one of the hardest things Harlow will ever do, and when her Bully Craige take it to the next level can Malik and his brothers save her, because when you mess with one Brother you mess with them all.  

I will admit this is very insta love and if you don't like that, then i don't suggest you read it. I can give or take it so it doesn't bother me, it also has Rape, attempted rape and violating bullies who are some of the most disgusting characters i have read in a while. Also if you have read The Slater Brothers series L.A Casey then it is very similar like at parts it felt like deja vu even though it wasn't am i am not saying that one of them has been plagiarised but i will say it is very similar and they have the same vibe. 

Character wise, we have a beautiful girl who doesn't know she is beautiful (WHATS NEW)and an overprotective guy who was abused and so treats her like she is his possession at times, also we have just a crap tonne of evil characters from parents to students, from teachers to police and passers by, and i couldn't believe that many people would just stand around and watch someone being bullied, but it does happen. 

But with the bad you also get the good like Maliks brothers and Harlow's Gran, the Carter boys grandfather and also Harlow's new friend Denny who we see more of in the next book Mason. They were as there title is in this book supporting and kind and just perfect a ray of sun shine in this pretty emotionally draining book. 

The storyline, as i have previously stated there is a lot of bullying, Rape talk and insta love, but you also have the topic of the good v Evil in modern society and it was very well written for the topic of this book is not one you see a lot people normally shy away and have abuse in the past not in the present. 

I gave this book 3/4 stars because i just felt like it was missing something like it needed a little bit of umpf to get it up there with some of the best New Adult books this was just OK and an enjoyable quick read. Also the cover is not one to read in public.

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