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The Duchess - Amanda Foreman

Title - Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire
Author - Amanda Foreman
ISBN - 9780007285754
Genre - Adult > Non Fiction
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Paperback
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Lady Georgiana Spencer was the great-great-great-great-aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales, and was nearly as famous in her day. In 1774, at the age of seventeen, Georgiana achieved immediate celebrity by marrying one of England's richest and most influential aristocrats, the Duke of Devonshire. Launched into a world of wealth and power, she quickly became the queen of fashionable society, adored by the Prince of Wales, a dear friend of Marie-Antoinette, and leader of the most important salon of her time. Not content with the role of society hostess, she used her connections to enter politics, eventually becoming more influential than most of the men who held office.
Her good works and social exploits made her loved by the multitudes, but Georgiana's public success, like Diana's, concealed a personal life that was fraught with suffering. The Duke of Devonshire was unimpressed by his wife's legendary charms, preferring instead those of her closest friend, a woman with whom Georgiana herself was rumoured to be on intimate terms. For over twenty years, the three lived together in a jealous and uneasy menage à trois, during which time both women bore the Duke's children—as well as those of other men.
Foreman's descriptions of Georgiana's uncontrollable gambling, all- night drinking, drug taking, and love affairs with the leading politicians of the day give us fascinating insight into the lives of the British aristocracy in the era of the madness of King George III, the American and French revolutions, and the defeat of Napoleon. 

Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire, originally Georgiana Spencer an ancestor of Princess Diana, they unfortunately also had similar lives. from being loved by the masses, both had unfaithful Husbands and both were unfaithful themselves They were trendsetters and both were remarkable women of their respectable times. 

When i first brought this book i thought it was biographical fiction, and when i realised it was non fiction i wasn't too excited about it, because i haven't read many non fictions, but it was good, not the best i have read but also not the worst, it was a bit slow at times when not much was happening but at times it was so factual and i got sucked in and wanted more.

You could tell this book had so much thought and research put into it. I truly commend Foreman for that and bringing Georgiana to life on paper and she was written in a way that made you want to be a fly on the wall in all her era and watch all of her interactions, it made me want to go back to that time and live in that time period, and live how they lived

I will say that you have to have some patience with this book, it took me a couple months to read this book because it was so slow at times but you have to push through it because in the end in the end it is very informative and i learnt so much about the lives of of women in this time, as well as the political stand points as well. This was the first time i have ever read a book from the Georgian period that has true to life depictions of people and places and now i really want to read more.

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