Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Virgin Queen's Daughter - Ella March Chase

Title - The Virgin Queen's Daughter
Author - Ella March Chase
ISBN - 9781785034275
Genre - Adult > Historical Fiction
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Paperback
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It is a place where reputations can stand or fall on the merest hint of scandal. Lingering rumours even surround the Virgin Queen herself, despite the fate of those foolish enough to besmirch her reputation.
Recently arrived in court, Nell de Lacey is surprised to discover that many think she bears more than a passing resemblance to the younger queen. That, coupled with an old mystery about a missing portion of the Queen's past some years prior, is enough to set tongues wagging. And wherever the truth lies, even the rumour is sufficient to place Nell on a dangerous path that could all so easily end with her head on a block...

I never expected to like this book as much as i did, it had me hooked from page one. It was intriguing and very well written, the characters and the story came to life. I loved this because it was a tale of lies, suspicion, love, family, and friendship. 

Nell was an amazing character with everything thing she deals with, and everything thrown at her with her attitude and her love of learning in a time when Gentle women were meant to bear children and run the household. She has to survive in a situation that could very well be the death of her.
The other characters were also really good from Gabriel and Mary to Queen Elizabeth And Dudley just made the book what it was. They were all brilliantly written, every single character in this book made it a fun reading experience.

The story was one that has been dabbled in but never really delved into, its a tiny bit of information that may not even be about Elizabeth I, but there is such a question mark to the time she spent 'ill' in bed after being sent away from Katherine Parr. It was very well written and probably one of my favourite books set in the Elizabethan period and the fact that the two main characters are fictional makes it even better because you don't have the truth or the proof of what really happened and you can let your imagination run wild.

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