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October 2014 Wrap-up

Hi, so this month i read 21 books and here they are ....

so first i had about 100 pgs left of ...


Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare (Book #3 in the Infernal Devices trilogy) (?-09-14 -- 01-10-14)


Clockwork Princess is the third and final book in the Infernal devices series, which is the pre-qual to the mortal instruments series. This book is probably my favourite in the trilogy mainly because of the epilogue and the way everything is wrapped up.
so i give it

Only the good spy young - Ally Carter (book #4 in The Gallagher Girls Series) (01-10-14 -- 01-10-14) (Re-Read)

Only the good spy young for me began in my favourite place in the world on Tower Bridge, in London. this series for me is so easy to read it just makes me feel all happy inside. this book is the start of the action that explode in the last two.
so i gave this book  

Blood Moon - Alyxandra Harvey (book #5 in The Drake Chronicles) (02-10-14 -- 02-10-14) ( Re-Read) 

 So again this book is the book that set everything up for the final book. so this book is fast paced and doesn't just follow one Drake brother and there love interest this is where everything that's been building up over the past four books
therefore i give this book a solid ..

Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood (book #1 in The Cahill Witch Chronicles) (02-10-14 -- 03-10-14) 

I am not a witch fan i never really have been, but since its October i decided to try to read some. and i have to admit that was the best decision i made because i loved this book it was fun and fast and just amazing. So Born Wicked is about Cate a witch who takes care of her two younger sisters after her mum died and her dad is always at work. in a Town where Witch's are punished and of course there is romantic aspects, at the start of the book she is waiting for a proposal from the boy next door Paul, who has been in New London, but then there is the boy who her father has hired as the gardener Finn. she has to choose between protecting her sisters, even if it means giving up her true love.
As i said before i loved this book i give it a massive

Haunting Violet - Alyxandra Harvey (03-10-14 -- 04-10-14)

Haunting Violet is about a young girl named Violet Willoughby who has spent years being her mothers faked seances, which has brought them a life of luxury. But the last thing Violet expected was to start seeing and hearing the dead for real. But now she must help a girl who was murdered and wont rest till her murderer is uncovered. and Violet must use her talents to find out who it is before the killer strikes again. This book was entertaining a bit slow in parts but nether the less it was good I'm a massive fan of Alyxandra Harvey's writing so i had high expectations for this book and they just about met them it was good but could have been better.
so i give this book 

The Maze Runner - James Dashner (book #1 in The Maze Runner Trilogy) (04-10-14 -- 05-10-14) 

I read this book because the movie came out on the 10th of this month in the UK. not expecting to enjoy it
as i have tried it before. But saying that i was on a comtempery kick and wasn't in the mood for dystopian books, so i gave i another go and i am glad i did it was amazing, fast paced, amazing characters , amazing world building, i could go on and on but I'm not just go rad it.
i give this book a





The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin (book #1 of The Mara Dyer Trilogy) (05-10-14 -- 06-10-14) 

Going into this book i knew nothing about it apart from the Narrator being untrustworthy, and my god I'm so
glad i didn't know anything because it was a roller coaster of emotions and feels and shivers at some points. but i now have a new book boyfriend to dd to my very very long list and that is Noah Shaw i loved him from the beginning and he made the book just perfect and added another layer of mystery to it and i cannot wait to read the rest of the series.
i give this book

Stay With Me -J Lynn (book #3 in The Wait For You Series) (07-10-14 -- 07-10-14) 

Stay with me is the third instalment in the Wait for you companion series this particular book follows Calla
who we meet in Be With Me (book 2) and Jax. When Callas mum drains her bank account she goes to her hometown to find her money only to find her mothers gone AWOL. And the new bartender at her mums bar.keeps hitting on her and so much other stuff goes down but i don't want to give away the plot. this book and series is a brilliant New Adult series and you should go read it.
I give this book

The Blood Of Olympus - Rick Riordan (Book #5 in The Heroes of Olympus Series) (07-10-14 -- 09-10-14)

I am not going to go into detail about this book i have a full SPOILER review to see it click HERE  
I give this book ...

The Queen's Fool - Philippa Gregory (Book #4 In The Tudor Court Series) (09-10-14 -- 16-10-14)

The Queens fool is about a girl named Hannah Green, a booksellers daughter with a gift to read more than
his banned book. Wrapped up in hansom traitor Robert Dudley's scemes, she is sent to spy on Princess Mary, then sent by Mary to spy on Princess Elizabeth. Caught in a deadly rivalry between the two daughters of Henry VIII, torn between her infatuation with Robert Dudley and her duty to her family. Hannah must find a way to survive when the wrong religion is a death sentence, science and magic are one, and true love is a fatal weakness. I have many mixed feelings about this book it is my least favourite in the series, but then there were some parts i loved it was unique in the portrays of Elizabeth and Mary because normally Elizabeth is the good one and Mary the bad but this was the other way around, and that was intresting to read.
so i give this book  

The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August - Claire North (17-10-14 -- 23-10-14)

The first fifteen lives of Harry August is a book about a man who has many when he dies and is reborn his
life plays out the same way each time. I got this book on recommendation from a guy who worked in my local bookstore and i did enjoy it there where bits where i got lost and couldn't figure out what had happened and some bits where a bit slow but it was good in the end. It is not really a book you go into knowing what is going to happen so i will leave it there but on the first page i was hooked by this tiny paragraph

                                   I am writing this for you.
                                    My enemy
My friend.
You know, already, you must know.
You have lost. 
I give this book 

Redeemed - P.c & Kristin Cast ( Book #12 in The House of Night Series) (23-10-14 -- 24-10-14) 

Me and The House of Night series have a love hate relationship in the beginning (The first 4 books) i loved
this series then it got really stupid, but i perceived and I'm glad i did because this book (excuse the pun) redeemed its self in my eyes it was an amazing book i thought it would just drag on like the last couple of books
so i give this book

Breathe - Abbi Glines ( Book #1 in The Sea Breeze Series) (26-10-14 -- 27-10-14)

The sea breeze series follows a group of friend and there relationships this book is about Sadie White who
has to be a parent for her mother who acts like a spoiled teenager when her mother gets pregnant, Sadie must take over her mums job as a maid. But the man who owns the house is none other that teenage heartthrob Jax Stone and he fall head over heels for this southern belle.
New adult books are defiantly my guilty pleasure i seem to fly through them, and this book was no different i was a bit apprehensive going into this book having read the synopsis many of times but it was very enjoyable and i couldn't wait to continue on
I give this book 




Because of Low - Abbi Glines (Book#2 in The Sea Breeze Series) (27-10-14 --27-10-14)

Because of Low follows Marcus who has had to move back to sea breeze because his dad has been causing
a scandal he moves in with a friends friend Cage who is a man whore but there is a beautiful red head in his bed and her name is Willow but Low for short she doesn't trust anyone because they always leave her can Marcus break down her walls and with family problems on boths side they are more alike than they care to admit.
This book like the first was amazing, but this time the main character was more relatable to me and i enjoyed reading her POV
so I'm giving this book 


While It Lasts - Abbi Glines (Book #3 in The Sea Breeze Series) (27-10-14 -- 27-10-14)

While it lasts follows Cage who is being sent on a farm to do community service after a DUI, on this farm he
meets the farmers daughter Eva whose fiance was killed 18 months before.
I have mixed emotions about this book on the one hand it was amazing and the characters were fun and lovable but on the other hand I wanted to shake Eva and scream at her because she was frustrating at times.
I give this book 



Just for now - Abbi Glines (Book #4 in The Sea Breeze Series) (27-10-14 -- 28-10-14)

Just for now follows Preston and Amanda  who are Marcus's best friend and sister, but Preston has a secret
one that could ruin everything, not to mention Marcus's reaction to his man whore best mate and his baby sister.
again like the other books in this series i immensely enjoyed this book but like the others there were some flaws with it but it made me smile and stay up till 2am to finish it.
I'm going to give this book 

Sometimes It Lasts - Abbi Glines (Book #5 in The Sea Breeze Series) (30-10-14 -- 30-10-14)

This book follows Cage and Eva who we met in WHILE IT LASTS, i got pretty frustrated with this book i cant say much about this book it would spoil While It Lasts. But saying that i still loved this book the same as the others 
so I'm going to give this one 

Misbehaving - Abbi Glines (Book #6 in The Sea Breeze Series) (30-10-14 -- 30-10-14)

Misbehaving follows Jason Stone (Jax Stones brother) and Jess (Rocks Cousin) this book had some pretty emotional at times and also brilliantly funny in parts also. The only problem i had with this book was Jason acted like a idiot at times and was hard to read but again 
i give this book 

Bad For You - Abbi Glines (Book #7 in The Sea Breeze Series) (30-10-14 -- 30-10-14)

Bad for you centres around Krit .(Trisha Brother) and Blythe a new girl in town who was raised by the pastor and his wife after her mother died in childbirth. I did love Blythe's character and i hated Krit in all the other books he just seemed like a man whore who didn't care about anyone except his sister. But Blythe brought out a side in him that was amazing and beautiful this was probably one of my favourites in the series. 
So i give this book 

Hold On Tight - Abbi Glines (Book #8 in The Sea Breeze Series) (30-10-14 -- 30-10-14) 

Hold on tight follows Dewayne and Sienna, who had known each other since they were kids. Sienna was dating Dewayne's younger brother Dustin. Dustin dies in a car crash and Sienna moves to Texas, but six years later shes back but this time with her son. Dewayne has always been protective of Sienna and has always loved her can he convince her to give him a chance. 
This book was pretty much perfect so i give this book

Until The End - Abbi Glines (Book #9 in The Sea Breeze Series) (30-10-14 -- 31-10-14)

Until the end follows Trisha and Rock in high school and in the present day, we also get extra epilogue's from all the other books i loved all of them except for Sadie and Jaxs (Breathe). That one really annoyed me and the other thing that really bothered me was Trisha and Rocks story just ended kind of like Requiem in the delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver just ended but you feel there should be another page it just sort of ended and then went into the epilogue 
but all in all it was still amazing and I'm giving this book 

Happy Reading 

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