Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Christmas Cracker Tag

Hello and Merry Christmas, 
So this tag was created by lucythereader

And lets get started...


                          1. Pick a book with a wintry cover.

A Breath of Frost - Alyxandra Harvey 

                 2. Pick a book you're likely to buy as a present.

Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen 

                              3. Pick a festive themed book.

My True Love Gave To Me - Stephanie Perkins 

               4. Pick a book you can curl up with by the fireplace.

Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone - J. K. Rowling

           5. Pick a book you you want to read over the festive period.

Christmas Cookie Club - Ann Pearlman

                6. Pick a book that's so good it gives you the chills.

Silver Shadows - Richelle Mead

                7. Pick a book going on your Christmas wish list.

Jane Austen Barnes & Noble Leather Bound Edition 

                      Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 


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