Tuesday, 26 April 2016

25 Facts About Me

Hello, so i realised you don't really know that much about me other than my love of books so i thought i would do this and share some more information with you all....

1. I was born in 1995
2. My name isn't actually Peyton, but what i go by online so i can be more anonymous (Peyton comes from One Tree Hill)
3. I have 3 siblings (One sister B:1981, 2 Bothers B: 1983 & 1992)
4. I have a Niece & a Nephew
5. I have a European Rottweiler named Roxy, who is 6 years old.

6.My first YA auto buy author was Richelle Mead and my New Adult was and is Abbi Glines
7. My favourite Author as a child was Jacqueline Wilson
8. I grew up, and still live in West London
9. I support the Conservative Party
10. My Favourite Thing to do on the Weekend is go to historical sights
11. I love spoiling the ending for my self be it books or movies
12. I use Rumps instead of Disposables
13. I am a true Londoner in every sense apart from my taste in music which is pure Country all the way from Conway Twitty to Merle Haggard to Luke Bryan  and everything in between
14. I don't believe in love at first sight
15. I am a Church of England Christian
16. But i believe in Science and Evolution
17.I am mainly of English decent but have lots of Irish mixed in there 
18. I am in a reading slump
19. My guilty pleasure is reading Royal Fanfics
20. I get really nervous going to new places
21. & Talking to new people makes me feel really sick 
22. My Favourite Monarch in History is Elizabeth of York 
23. My OTP is Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko from Blue Bloods
24. I support Chelsea FC & Brentford FC 
25. When i was little i wanted to join the army but changed my mind when i was 13 and i wanted to become a vet then i changed again and wanted to do something with books. 

Until Next Time
Happy Reading

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