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Forever Rockers - Terri Anne Browning

Title - Forever Rockers
Author - Terri Anne Browning
Series - The Rocker ... Series #12
ISBN - 9781523374311
Genre - New Adult > Contemporary
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
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The boys biggest fear come to fruition Shane's past is coming back to haunt them. A crazy one night stand has been making their lives crazy but she is escalating from vandalising their tour bus to almost killing Shane and Harper's Dog to trying to kidnap Mia and in the process shoots Gabby. The only problem is, is they have no idea who this woman is and she is closer than they think. In the final book every thing comes to a head and not everyone will live to see the end.... 
I was extremely confused when this book started, i had no clue what was going on, but after a couple of pages i realised we were reading from (as i dubbed her in my notes) Crazy stalker bitch's POV and it got me very interested because at first i was like "am i reading a different book", we figure she is pretty close to Shane and Harper because she was at their wedding and it was her thoughts that let you in on the fact that she is unstable and at one point i even wrote - Woman is a F*****G nutjob - now on to the rest of the characters because Crazy Stalker doesn't deserve much of my time.

This book is to do with all of the Rockers we have met but mainly Shane and Harper who we find out are having trouble conceiving and and they have managed to keep it a secret but secrets always have a way of being revealed as when you go to see fertility doctors and your Rockstar husband is with you the receptionist will most probably tell the press. and it was really difficult to see them go through this and the fact that it is their last chance before they will go through with adopting instead.

Now this is where the story picks up to another level and i don't want to spoil anything so i wont say but this woman is on another level when it comes to stalking. i am saying no my my lips are sealed because i feel you should go into this book with no clue what so ever. 

Onto the climax finding out who Crazy Stalker Bitch was was pretty anti climactic since we don't really no her and it wasn't this huge reveal It was just oh that's it. but the last about 100 pages were an action packed bundle of angst and joy and one very distinct part disgusting then again i have used that very scene as a threat quite a few times "i will chop your **** off and shove it down your throat" but only when someone really deserves it. 

The characters in this apart from a couple were phenomenal, i haven't read a book in this series in a while and so it was like catching up, especially since this book had so many POV's, the story flowed flawlessly through from each book and this book tied up so many loose ends from the rest of the series and it was good to see so many Daddy Rockers together. 

A perfect ending to a series that was consistently good.

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