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Ravenspur - Conn Iggluden

Title - Ravenspur
Author - Conn Iggulden
Series - Wars of The Roses #4
ISBN - 9780718181420
Genre - Adult > Historical Fiction
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Hardback
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This novel from bestselling author Conn Iggulden is the fourth book in the critically acclaimed Wars of the Roses series. Following Stormbird, Trinity and Bloodline this novel will continue through the brutal Civil War that we now know as the Wars of the Roses.
This is a spoiler free review but some the only thing i will be "spoiling" will be history i have a belief and that is if it is history i will say it and it isn't a spoiler, but i wont spoil the story or any twist and turns
I loved this book, it is on par with my favourite book in this series (Book #3 Bloodline), it was an amazing end to a fantastic series, that is probably my favourite Historical Series of all time. 

Again it had all of the characters POV's and i loved how it started and Finished with Jasper Tudors POV, because it just seemed fitting. This was also a different take on Edward IV & Elizabeth Woodvilles marriage one i personally haven't seen before and i loved the different take on it. Richard III as well hew wasn't evil like in Shakespeare or a hero like in Philippa Gregory's books, he was in between and that is probably the most truthful portrayal. Henry Tudor was also a very good portrayal as well, he was portrayed as a quiet and smart and calculating, again a very true to life portrayal. 

I feel like because it covered 15 years and it was only 453 pages long it did leave quite a bit out, like it had to skip a couple of years here and there but since i know the time line pretty much of by heart this didn't bother me so much. But at the same time, it flowed perfectly.

I liked where the book ended but i would have liked to see Henry VII and Elizabeth of York meeting or getting married, i really want him to do a continuation series on the early Tudors. Iggulden is such an amazing author and this series was a journey from the very first page to the very last.

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