Friday, 3 June 2016

How To Fall In Love - Cecelia Ahern

Title - How To Fall In Love
Author - Cecelia Ahern
ISBN - 9780007350513
Genre - Adult > Romance
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Paperback
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Waterstones - Barnes & Noble - Book Depository - Amazon UK - Amazon US
Two weeks to save a life. When Christine stumbles upon Adam who is poised to jump of the Ha'penny bridge, she stops him but she only has two weeks until his 35th birthday and his deadline to show him he has something to live for. 

This was a tender, heart warming, beautiful book. I honestly could not see a happy ending going into this book, but like every other book i have read by this author it didn't leave me disappointed. 

Christine was a brilliant main character who has some unfortunate circumstances, but she tries to live her life by using self help books, and her character development was really good she grew so much from the start of the book. 
Adam at times was annoying but only because we read it from Christine's POV and it was just frustrating and i felt like screaming see whats in front of you. but at the same time his character development was phenomenal from when we first meet him to the very last scene he grows so much. 

The story line wasn't one i thought i would ever enjoy, but i devoured it in one sitting, it was such a heartbreaking novel, that made me feel happy and i had that sense of peace get when i finish a really good book.

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