Monday, 15 August 2016

A Beautiful Funeral - Jamie McGuire

Title - A Beautiful Funeral
Author - Jamie McGuire 
Series - The Maddox Brother's #5
ISBN - 9781534623576
Genre - New Adult > Contemporary > Romance
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Barnes & Noble - Indigo - Amazon UK - Amazon US 
Eleven years to the day after eloping in Vegas with Abby, Special Agent Travis Maddox delivers his own brand of vigilante justice to mob boss Benny Carlisi. Vegas's oldest and most violent crime family is now preparing for vengeance, and the entire Maddox family is a target. 

The secret Thomas and Travis have kept for a decade will be revealed to the rest of the family, and for the first time the Maddoxes will be at odds. While none of them are strangers to loss, the family has grown, and the risk is higher than ever. With brothers against brothers and wives taking sides, each member will make a choice—let the fear tear them apart, or make them stronger
I am going to give a disclaimer right now this may contain spoilers because it will be extremely difficult to talk about this book without talking about some aspects of it, but i will say if you read this book be prepared to sob uncontrollably . 

 I read this book in one sitting at midnight when it came out and i finished it and 3:21 am i stopped reading for like 5 minutes to watch Usain Bolt but i couldn't put this book down, i cried a lot during this book but it was such a bittersweet feeling because it was so good to read about these characters again but they aren't the same they all have their own problems i think the only ones who didn't was Tyler and Ellie so it was a bit of a turn around. 

The character were the same but different, and that made me smile that at times you could see the old them shine through, i had one problem overall and that was Cami i loved her in Beautiful Oblivion but i actually didn't like her in this book with the way that she was acting, but we had some adorable children and Olive all grown up we also had some Hollis and Alyssa interaction. Jim as always was the strong patriarch and it was a beautiful book that gave these characters a second chance to shine as bright as they were meant to.

When i first started reading, i didn't know if i was going to like it because of how different it was and i felt like it might ruin the future i painted for them in my head, but it didn't i mean even now i am in a bit of denial and will never think about the last couple of chapters as cannon but that's just because i love a happy ending.

If you have read the other books in this series i highly recommend this book because it just wraps everything up and we get Maddox Children, if not read it just for the children because they are so cute. It was worth every single tear i shed at 3 am and i will read this book again and again just like the rest of the series.

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  1. will not be in Spanish within a time. i will go crazy </3

  2. one moment... i need one thing more... is a good finally? or very sad?

    1. Its both, sad and happy i know that sounds odd but it works i promise :)

  3. oh men, i'm crying now.It is like the death of my loved ones:c my heart is broken

  4. oh This world never would be the same:c no one can die!

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