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Something I Need - Lena Lowe

Title - Something I Need
Author - Lena Lowe
Series - XOXO Nashville #1
ISBN - 9783064691430
Release Date - 14th September 2016
Genre - New Adult > Romance
My Copy - Review Copy
Format - Kindle
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads -  (I cant find any links for this book yet but when they come out i will post them here)

Jonte Williamson has a dream: become Nashville’s next big star. Finding herself unexpectedly homeless hot off the plane wasn’t part of her grand plan.

Cash Bellini is a simple man: he loves his twin sister, Dolly, hates country music, and stays far away from anything more complicated than that.
When Jonte stumbles into Cash’s bar, helping out the homeless country music wannabe is the last thing on his agenda. Pity someone forgot to send the memo to his too-big heart and meddling twin. Throw in a pair of baby blue cowboy boots, a pool table and a splash of tequila, and these two are set to ignite in a hot sexy mess! Will either of their hearts survive the tug-o-war between what they want and what they need? 

I requested this book as soon as i read the description, i am a huge fan of country music and the fact that this is a series set in the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee i was so excited to start this book and it didn't disappoint.

The story rocked, literally, it was an amazing story from the very first page to the last and i loved the story because its so true to life so many people do it so many people drop everything and move to Nashville to start a career in country music and you meet so many people and find people that you never thought you would end up with in the end. It also wasn't without its angst but it had just the right amount and everything was in balance and it was a brilliant story and i cant wait for the next book in the series and for a debut novel it was truly amazing.

The characters were some of the best in a debut novel i have read in a while, and Jonte (like Bronte but with a J) was such a strong female character she moved halfway round the world and had to stand up to her family and try to live in Nashville when everything goes wrong. Cash is a strong character but in a complacently different way, he goes through so much during the course of this book and we see him grow stronger and stronger and it makes you root for him and his family as well, because with Dolly is twin sister and Nannie it made me so happy, to have a cast of characters that not one of them was bad and they all made the book an experience.

I really can't wait to read the rest of this series and go back to magical setting of Nashville, and delve back into these characters, i really recommend this book it is such an enjoyable read.

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