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Nacho Figueras Presents: Wild One - Jessica Whitman

Title - Nacho Figueras Presents: Wild One 
Author - Jessica Whitman
Series - The Polo Season #2
ISBN - 9781455563661
Genre - Adult > Romance
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
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Kat Parker thought she'd finally escaped being known as the housekeeper's daughter in the class-obsessed polo town of Wellington, FL. With her first blockbuster screenplay, she'd become the Hollywood It girl-until with one flop suddenly she wasn't. Heading home is her only option.
Kat knows she can write another hit...if only she can find the right story. What she finds instead is the drop-dead gorgeous celebrity athlete Sebastian Del Campo, who's just as well known for his tabloid exploits as he is for his prowess on the polo field.
For Sebastian, everything in life has always come easily-wealth, sports, women. But the perennial party life is starting to feel a bit stale. Especially after meeting Kat. Her easy laughter and candid attitude make him aspire to something more meaningful for the first time in his life. 
As Sebastian tells Kat stories of his grandmother Victoria, a woman who could be dripping in diamonds one moment and tearing up the polo field the next, Kat's inspiration fires and soon the pair are back in Hollywood, working on a film together that could make or break both of their careers. And though the chemistry between the two is building, the film's irresistible star has other ideas...

This series has very quickly become my guilty pleasure, because it isn't the best i have ever read but it has this aura about it tat draws you in and you fall i love with the characters and the settings and oddly enough the game of Polo. 

We meet Sebastian in the first book and when we met him he put the play in player, and it was really good to see him meet his match in Kat. I wasn't too fond of Kat to begin with oddly enough but she grew on me and by the end she was my favourite character in the book. The Characters from the first book made an appearance and its so good to see how the have grown and how their families have grown. 

The story was actually a really heartwarming one, with Kat making a film about his grandmother from her diaries and just the very family centric story line. It flowed perfectly but everything wasn't all roses and there was some angst in here but it was the perfect amount of angst for this cute and fluffy lighthearted book. 

I Cannot wait for the next book in the series because it will be very different the main character is a female and she is the 'bastard' sister of Sebastian and i can already smell the drama that is going to unfold. I recommend this book and series to anyone who like a bit of romance and a bit of drama and some lovely and gorgeous men. 

I know its a little vague but i really didn't want to spoil this book or the first book and since they are short its difficult to talk about them and not spoil something

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