Friday, 17 February 2017

Harry Potter Tag

Hello, so i was stuck on what today's post was going to be because i don't want every post to be a review so if the other two posts that week are reviews chances are the third post will be a Tag or something random... So i first saw this on Dreamland Book Blog and she explains everything in her post about who created what because she has mixed two tags together so go onto her post and have a look at that, all tag images are from the blog post as well.... Lets Get Started.....

The White Princess - Philippa Gregory

I am normally the first person to jump on anyone who complains about historical fiction having inaccuracies because i think it is up to the author but what i don't like is that this author has so much prestige that people take her word as bible and i loved the book it was just the historical inaccuracies i would love to rewrite.

Obsidian - Jennifer L Armentrout

I honestly thought this was going to be one of those over-hyped books that didn't match up but it was better than the hype and it had me hooked from the first page.

Chain of Thorns - Cassandra Clare

I have been needing to get back to this world since 2012 and don't get me wrong i love the American shadow-hunters but there is just something about the London ones i am guessing it is because i am a Londoner myself that i love it so much.

Honestly i cannot think of anything for this one at all i am going to have to skip it.🙁

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North

 To this day i am still confused i had no idea what was going on and it hasn't got better with time.

Geek Girl - Holly Smale 

I am not a model, but i resonate with the geeky and socially awkward aspects of this book and of the main character Harriet.

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Still having nightmares about dollhouses. 

The Story of Tracy Beaker - Jacqueline Wilson

This book and many others by Jacqueline Wilson bring back so many happy memories and i will forever love them for that.

Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines

At this point i hadn't read that many New Adult Romance books and i was taken by surprise at how well this was written and by how much i loved it.

Like a Memory - Abbi Glines

It was released yesterday and i read it twice.

Mrs Brown's Family Handbook - Brendan O'Carroll/Agnes Brown

This is a funny non fiction based off of the tv Character Agnes Brown from Mrs Browns Boys look up scenes on Youtube it is hilarious.

On The Other Side - Carrie Hope Fletcher

I loved this book and the beautiful message it sent out, i want more people to read and love it as well.

 Harry Potter - J K Rowling

I didnt read Harry Potter until the Deathly Hallows movies were coming out so i wish i had read all the book before seeing the movies.

An Inspector Calls - John Boynton Priestley

Oddly enough i actually enjoyed this book it was either going to be this one or Much Ado About Nothing but in the end i enjoyed this one ten times more,

Allegiant - Veronica Roth

I don't need to say why this book was painful pretty much everyone knows but it still kills me even now.

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Happy Reading

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