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Love Me Like This - Bella Andre Review

Title - Love Me Like This 
Author - Bella Andre
Series - The Morrison's #3
Genre - Contemporary Romance 
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
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 Eight years have passed since Justin Morrison first laid eyes on Taylor and fell head over heels in love with her, even though he knew she could never be his. He's tried everything he can to get over her--including moving to another country--but she's still the only woman he'll ever want. 

Eight years is a heck of a long time to secretly love someone. Taylor knows all too well how impossible it is to forget a man as sexy, sweet, and brilliant as Justin Morrison. So when he turns up on the doorstep of her Napa Valley bed and breakfast, she can't help but long for the happily-ever-after of her dreams.

As Taylor and Justin spend beautifully romantic mornings together watching the sun rise over the vineyards--and can't help but fall into each other's arms on wickedly sexy nights--it looks like they might finally get their chance at the love they've been waiting for. But will the secret Taylor has been keeping shatter everything in the end?

It  has been a long time since a book from this series was released the previous book was released in 2015 so it took me a few chapters to reacquaint myself with the characters but even when i did it did not matter too much since we don't really see much of the rest of the the Morrison family. 
Remembering the other books you could tell from those that this was going to be one of the books but after i finished reading it i didn't get the same feeling as i normally do reading one of Andre's books, it was still good but it felt different. 

If you have read any of this type of genre before you know how these books go, it is pretty much a given that you will know what normally happens, boy and girl fall in love, then something happens to tear them apart, then at the end of the book they end up together. This book is different from that and i actually really appreciate that, i feel as if every new adult/adult romance book has the same story lay out and it has gotten boring in recent months. The characters are your typical romance characters, but you can overlook it, when the story is a bit different you don't feel as if you have read this book before. 

Taylor and Justin are nice characters and they carry the story and since for most of it, it is just them and some background characters you really do get to know them and get invested in them and if you have read the Sullivan Series from Andre then you will recognise the Napa Valley area from that series, and some of the characters.

Bella Andre is one of my Auto-buy Authors and so even though i didn't enjoy this book as most if her others it doesn't mean it was not worth the read, Andre has such a way with words that it doesn't really matter in any case, and even though i did not particularly enjoy this book i do recommend Andre as an Author and you should check her books out they are rather addictive to read.  

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