Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Top 5 Wednesday 15th October 2014 Books You Were Not Expecting To Like But Did


So my Top 5 Books I Wasn't Expecting To Like But Did goes as follows ...


At number 5 its 

The Selection - Kiera Cass (book #1 in The Selection Trilogy) 

I went into The Selection thinking it was going to be absolute rubbish because the cover looked fluffy, the back said "reality TV meets dystopian fairytale" and that put me off big time. But then i read The Prince Novella and loved it so i read The Selection and fell in love with America, the world & Maxon and i could not put it down.

Coming in at number 4 it is ...

Stray - Rachel Vincent


When i was first gong to read this book it was at the beginning of July and i looked on Goodreads and saw
that most of the reviews were 1 - 2 stars and That put me off majorly but then at the end of the month i picked it deciding to see what i think of it since i had the box set and wanted to give it a go. So i started reading and from the first chapter i fell in love with the main character Faythe, shes strong, independent.and incredibly easy to read and ended up giving it 5 stars. 

Then at number 3 it is 

Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood 

i am not a fan of books about witches, but since it is Halloween month i decided to read a couple. And i picked this up thinking i would have to push myself through it but in reality i couldn't put it down and then stayed up till 3:30 am to finish it, I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. This book really opened my eyes back up to witch books.


 Coming in at number 2 is 

The Maze Runner - James Dashner 


The maze runner, is one of them books from the outside look very guy like not targeted for unisex but the story line is pretty male as well. so i thought i wouldn't like this book but i ended up loving the story, the premise and mainly the characters. It sort of dragged me in in the first about 50 pgs, because it is so different from most YA books because its not got a love triangle, and things like that its about a community just trying to live and that is what i love about it.   

And finally my number 1 book i was not expecting to like but did is ...

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer  


OK so confession time i got my set of twilight books at the end of November 2009 when the New Moon film had just come out i had seen the twilight film but never really gave it any thought. But when the promos for New Moon was going around my mum got me the books and then i saw the NM film and didn't really want to read twilight and new moon so i just jumped right in and read eclipse and that started my love for reading then June of this year i finally picked up Twilight and my god i loved it the film ruined me back then and I'm glad i read the book when i really don't remember the film all that much, because i haven't seen it in years. so all in all i loved Twilight and i do regret not having picked it up sooner i mean its been on my shelf for 5 yrs i probably should have.

Happy Reading 



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