Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Top 5 Wednesday - Top 5 Hunger Games Moments (Movies or Books)

Hello, so the last Hunger Games movie comes out this week and its bittersweet because i cannot wait to see how to do certain scene but i really don't want it to end. so if you haven't read the Hunger Games Entire Series then be warned there are spoilers below.

lets get started....

5. I Volunteer 

The "I volunteer" scene in the books was emotional but watching it in the movie and hearing Prims reaction had me almost crying.

4. "You Don't Forget The Face of The Person Who Was Your Last Hope"

I read this book back in 2012 just before the first film came out and this is the quote that stuck with me from this book and i still love it to this day.

3. Epilogue 

I don't know why some people hate this last book i loved it and that ending, i really don't want to spoil anything for the people who haven't read this series yet but it just hit me in the feels and it was a well constructed and written epilogue compared to some. I absolutely cannot wait to see it on the big screen i think i will probably cry. 

2. "Real or Not Real?" I tell him "Real"

What a last line to a book, i don't think that spoils too much but if it does I'm sorry. I love this line and what it represents, and like before i cannot wait to see it in the movie. 

It was really difficult to choose a picture that didn't spoil anything.

1. "Fire is Catching!. And if We Burn You Burn With Us." 

Again both the book and the movie versions were so heart wrenching and i get chills when i watch that scene over. You can just feel the pain and its very real its a WAR. 

There is so many more, and if you have done this weeks T5W put the link in the comments i would love to see what you chose. 

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