Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mason - Lisa Helen Grey - Spoiler Free Review

Title - Mason
Author - Lisa Helen Gray
Series - The Carter Brothers Series #2
Genre - New Adult
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Barnes & Noble - Amazon UK - Amazon US
Denny was force to move in with her nan, when her parents kicked her out when she fell pregnant at 17, but having to come back for a court case puts everything in jeopardy especially the life of her unborn baby. Can Mason and his brothers help her& will Denny and Mason be able to sort their relationship out in time for their baby or will Denny go back to her Grandmothers and never return.....

Mason was a good book, it deals with an emotionally abusive parent, teenage pregnancy and the after effects of being a victim of an attempted rape. Again like the first book it was very emotionally draining and i warn you if you cant read any of those topics then please don't read this book, but if you can it is worth a go the whole series so far is. 

The characters were the same as last time we just switched up the lead POV and we had all the same good and all the same bad with a few more bad than last time as well, i swear they multiply by book. Denny was a good POV to read from but unlike last time this time we have a duel POVS so we have Mason and Dennys point of view and i like that a lot better than just one, it was good to see what was going through his head at certain points of the book.

The storyline was much like the first book but with the added drama of pregnancy and the trial it was good not the best i have ever read but what can you expect i have come to realise this series centres around Rape, abuse, and neglect and i think i need breaks in between reading them because they definitely bring you down.

I gave this 3 stars because it was slow at times and also somethings were so obvious and everyone was all like "who is it?", i mean really it pretty predictable. So that took some of the fun out of it but i still enjoyed it. If you do read this series i suggest you read these books in order otherwise i fear that none of it will make sense. 

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