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Now That I've Found You - Bella Andre

Title - Now That I've Found You
Author - Bella Andre
Series - The Sullivan's #15 / The New York Sullivan's #1
Genre - New Adult / Adult > Contemporary Romance
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
Where You Can Find It - Goodreads - Barnes & Noble - Amazon UK - Amazon US
Drake has never painted a women, not in his personal life nor professionally because his father painting his mother had ruined their marriage, so when he sees a beautiful woman on the cliffs outside his house and he gets a strange urge to paint her he knows she must be something special but he also knows he should never let himself paint her for it could ruin them both.
Rosa had to get away, pictures that were taken without her knowledge were leaked to the press and as a reality star she should be OK with this, her family want to spin it into more instagram followers but Rosa feels violated so she runs to the place her father used to take her when she was a little girl. And there she meets artist and his dog, but she knows she cant fall in love with them because any connection to her will taint his art and that is something she never wishes to happen, so she will have to hold him at arms length but the only problem is, she has never met a Sullivan before, when they want something they give everything till they have it and they never let go.

So this Book is the first in the New York Sullivan's Series and the 15th book in the Sullivan's series and it didn't disappoint it only added to my love of The Sullivan's, I did have a few little hiccups when it came to a character but that was my own mind doing that to me and had nothing to do with the story. 

Drake and Rosa had such a good story and it was one of those that really stand out because of the fact that the entire story revolved around them and no one else was really in it, until the end, i loved all of the characters all the way from Drake and Rosa to Drakes Dog but i was pretty wary of Rosa's mum she seemed really sketchy to me and i didn't like her very much. but we see who she really is at the end of this book and i am so glad everything ended the way it did. 

Drake was a good character we didn't know much about him going in since we only meet him briefly in the previous book. So it was a little bit like a new series unlike the next book which is about Drakes sister Grace and we already know quite a bit about her so it will feel like a continuation instead of a completely new book. Now the thing i said my problem with one of the characters was actually something to do with Rosa because of her job and just the way she described things my head was comparing her to Kim Kardashian and i hated that because i really liked Rosa and the way she handles herself and the fact she knows she when  to say enough is enough.

This is a story about something very topical in today's society and since this can happen to anyone be it they are famous or not and it is something that can happen to men or women and it is violating and a disgusting act against human rights and privacy, it is something i personally think should be done more for so i truly commend Andre for writing about this topic and hope more authors do as well.

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