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Top 5 Wednesday - Characters You Defend - 25th May 2016

This was again really hard, i don't really like a lot of characters that need defending so i chose some characters some i ave defended and some i will defend if it ever comes up....

5 . Tyrion - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R R Martin

In the TV show he is one of my favourites and he is a lot of people's favourite as well, but in the books he isn't as liked, in the TV show they definitely left out some of his other qualities, but i would still defend him till the end.

4. Nan - Rosemary Beach - Abbi Glines

I mean don't get me wrong Nan has done some messed up crap, but then you would be messed up if you thought you'd been abandoned by one man only to find out he isn't your father and your real father also didn't want you, not to mention her mother. I feel so sorry for Nan because she really just doesn't know how to act she needs the attention she didn't have as a child.

3. Luke Castellan - The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

Again like Nan he had some abandonment issues and just wanted someone to care, not to mention he was being forced to do it. 

2. Bellamy Blake - The 100 - Kass Morgan

Bellamy just wanted to protect his sister and that is something he has done his entire life he isn't a bad person he didn't want to shoot Jaha but it was the only way he could get on the Drop Ship.

1. Henry Tudor - The White Princess - Philippa Gregory

Now this is more defending a character from an author and people who believe said author than from people hating on this character. So in the White Princess Henry is portrayed as a rapist and a ruthless, evil, and also had a mistress. NOT TRUE, Henry never took a mistress, he rapidly declined in health and also in running the country after Elizabeth's death and he was inconsolable when he found out she had died. He brought her a lion and you can see on his expenses that he would give her money so she could buy herself little trinkets and also indulge in cards or chess. And i just really hate the fact that he was portrayed as a rapist that really bugged me.

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