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Jasper - Tony Riches

Title - Jasper
Author - Tony Riches
Series - The Tudor Trilogy #2
ISBN - 9781530642625
Genre - Biographical Fiction
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
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England 1461: The young King Edward of York has taken the country by force from King Henry VI of Lancaster. Sir Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, flees the massacre of his Welsh army at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross and plans a rebellion to return his half-brother King Henry to the throne. 
When King Henry is imprisoned by Edward in the Tower of London and murdered, Jasper escapes to Brittany with his young nephew, Henry Tudor. Then after the sudden death of King Edward and the mysterious disappearance of his sons, a new king, Edward’s brother Richard III takes the English Throne. With nothing but his wits and charm, Jasper sees his chance to make young Henry Tudor king with a daring and reckless invasion of England. 

Set in the often brutal world of fifteenth century England, Wales, Scotland, France, Burgundy and Brittany, during the Wars of the Roses, this fast-paced story is one of courage and adventure, love and belief in the destiny of the Tudors. 
I read the first book Owen a couple of months ago and i have been meaning to read this for a while but i wasn't sure i wanted to but i have been reading a lot about Henry Vii recently and now realise i need to read this book and i read this book in one sitting and didn't get to sleep till around three AM just because i needed to finish this book. 

I loved every single character in this book there were so many but i loved most of them and i love the fact the the author doesn't by into the old stereotypes about the different characters because it is good to see something different. Jasper was very well written and you could just imagine this being the real Jasper Tudor and all of the characters added something to this book be it angst or love every single character was well written and none of them are forgettable.

This book is set in probably the most violent part of The Wars of the Roses so there is some violence and there is implied sex but you never actually read any which is surprising refreshing for a adult historical fiction. This book is set in so many places its hard to keep up its in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and France. The story flowed of the page and was written in a way that it felt like a film in my head and that is always an amazing experience when that happens. I highly, highly, recommend this series so far it seems that the books are getting better as they go one so i now have very high expectations for the third and final book Henry. 

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