Tuesday, 16 August 2016

15th - 21st August Weekly TBR

So this is my TBR for this week, i have decided to start doing a weekly TBR and see if that helps me get back into reading....

A Beautiful Funeral - Jamie McGuire

I needed this book so badly and i read it in one sitting and already have a review up of it as well.

The Root of The Tudor Rose - Mari Griffith

I have less than 100 pages to go and it is such a good book and i cant wait to finish it.

Imprudence - Gail Carriger

I pre ordered this book in July and still haven't read it so i really need to get on this because i love Carriger's writing .

The Winter King - Thomas Penn

I have been reading a lot of Tudor Non Fiction recently but i think this will be my last for a while because i really want to get back to reading more fiction.

The Angry Tide - Winston Graham

I have put off reading this book for too long and since the second series of the TV show is starting soon i wanna carry on reading these books and i have decided to start this week.

So that is all the books i plan to read this week

Until Next Time
Happy Reading

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