Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Series I Want To Re Read This Year

Hello, so i do this every year i make a list of the series i want to re read and then read a book a month so it doesn't impede on my unread books, i am going doing completed series. So here is a list of all the series i want to re read in 2017...

Rosemary Beach Series - Abbi Glines

Sea Breeze series - Abbi Glines

The Vincent Boys - Abbi Glines

Harry Potter - JK Rowling

The Drake Chronicles - Alyxandra Harvey

On Dublin Street series - Samantha Young

Shifters - Rachel Vincent 

So that is it.... that is all the series i want to re read this year, i have already re read the Rosemary beach and sea breeze series so this is two already done from this list i hope i will be able to do it. 

Until Next Time
Happy Reading

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