Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - 19 November 2014 - Rebellion Groups

Hey so it is Wednesday so that means its time for Top 5 Wednesday, this week it is rebellion groups and this was a tough one there was a couple that came to me straight away and will probably be on every body's list because i mean come on they are obvious and there are a few that i was clutching at straws to come up with, so lets get started.

In no particular order we have a villainous rebellion group and that is ...

The Circle (The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare)

Now even though they are the bad guys they are still a rebellion group because they are rebelling against the Clave and were murdering Downworlders witch was against the Covenant ans the Accords and then they instigated a fight/war and lost.

next we have

The Northern Rebels (The Selection - Kiera Cass) 

In The Selection Series we have two types of Rebels The Northern and The Southern. The Northern though they attack more often they do not attack to harm they are looking for something whereas the Southern rebels are deadly and aim to kill and wipe out the Royal family. The Northern rebels are looking for the founder of Illea's diaries. 

Then we have the most obvious of the lot 

Dumbledores Army (Harry Potter -J K Rowling) 

The DA it the original rebellion group they rebelled against Umbridge who was put by the ministry to take over Hogwarts. I love the communication coins that are still in use even up to the last book, Dumbledores Army was a beacon of hope for the students who were involved and even became a battle cry used by Nevile in The Deathly Hallows. 

Next not really a rebellion group but they do rebel against the system 


Tris, Four, Christina, Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, and Tori and some more i cannot think of the names off the top of my head they rebel against Erudite and against Dauntless as well and the very being of their society when the want to break out and go outside the fence that surrounds Chicago. 

And Finally you cannot have a rebellion group without 

District 13 / The Mockingjay 

The MockingJay rebellion started in the first book with a chain reaction of event that lead to the uprising against the Capitol The leaders of the Rebellion are Katniss Everdean, Peeta Melark, Gale Hawthorn, President Coin, Plutarch Heavensbee, Heymitch Abernathy and the rest of the Victors. 

Until next time lovelies 


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