Saturday, 3 October 2015

September 2015 Wrap-Up

hello all, i had a pretty good reading month this time reading 20 books albeit i didn't stick to my tbr for this month so i didn't do to well on that front but lets just get into what i read this month....

The Taming of the Queen - Philippa Gregory (15/08/15 - 01/09/15)

I have been in a reading slump for over a year and i just couldn't get in to this book at first but then once i got the feeling for the book i flew through it. in one sitting it was very good.

Easy - Tammara Webber (01/09/15 - 02/09/15)

This is always recommended to me on goodreads and i finally picked up a copy and read it as soon as i got it it was a really good read i can see why a lot of people have hyped it up.

Queen of Shadows - Sarah J Maas (02/09/15-07/09/15)

This book was a pre order and it came in two days early but i couldn't get to it because i was reading The Taming of The Queen but this book was well worth the wait it was phenomenal my full review is HERE

Royally Jacked - Niki Burnham (09/09/15 - 09/09/15)

i have recently found out i love reading books about normal girls falling in love with Rockstars and Princes, so i went on goodread and found this book. I loved this book it was very short but it was an excellent start to a series.

Wake - Amanda Hocking (07/09/15 - 09/09/15)

I have had this book on my shelf for well over a year and i finally got to it this month and i am so glad i did it was amazing i have never read a book with mermaids/sirens in it before and it passed my expectations and has made me want to continue on with the story.
 Username: Evie - Joe Sugg (12/09/15 - 12/09/15)

I brought this book because i was curious about it and I'm glad i did i just forgot about the whole YouTube Star writing another book, and just looked at it as a graphic novel and the artwork was beautiful and i also really enjoyed the story it was a bit fast it didn't really flow at some points but it was good.

 Prudence - Gail Carriger (10/09/15 - 18/09/15)

Prudence gave me a very hard time i just didn't feel like reading. so a 300 page book took me 8 days to finish. I will admit this book for me was not as good as the previous series and it didn't flow for me as well as either. I also got very confused at points but i think my brain was just telling me to put the book down. When i got over my brain being annoying i really enjoyed this book and i will be re reading it before the next book come out because i am pretty sure my brain has blocked most of this book out.

On Dublin Street - Samantha Young (19/09/15 - 19/09/15)

I had seen this book on goodreads so many times and i finally caved in and brought it and i am glad i did because this book was so good it had the perfect balance of what makes a brilliant romance novel of course the romance then friendship and heartbreak it was just perfect and i cant wait to carry on with this companion series.

Warleggan - Winston Graham (19/07/15 - 21/09/15) 

Yes if you read the date you can see i started this book in July i was spoiled and i really didn't want to read the scene that i was spoiled on because i am a huge Ross and Demelza Shipper and this was bad for our ship but once i got passed that i was fine and the second half of this book was as with all of grahams books amazing.

The Fiery Trial - Cassandra Clare (22/09/15 - 22/09/15)

we are really getting into the thick of it now these books are making me more and more excited for the rest of the series to come out and next month warlock babies and Malec nothing else i can say (entire series review coming soon)

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley (23/09/15 - 24/09/15)

This was recommended to me on amazon so when i finally brought i had little to no expectations, but this book really surprised me again it had that family feeling the heartbreak and the friendship that i love in a romance novel it was a really sad book to read about a girl who was abused by her father, and her brothers best friend sees her crying and sneaks in her bedroom window and sleeps in her bed every night to save her from the nightmares it sounds cheese but the way its written it isn't at all. 

Rival Love - Natalie Decker (24/09/15 - 24/09/15)

Ever since reading Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines, i have been looking for another high school football story and this book seemed OK and i wasn't really fussed about what i was reading and it was pretty cheap. This book was not too bad and it wasn't anything to spectacular it was in the middle for me i really enjoyed the love hate relationship between the two main characters but then at some points i just wanted to slap them all. 

Envy - Gregg Olsen (September 2015 - 24/09/15)

I really couldn't get through this book in the beginning it was so slow and i got fed up with it and stopped reading it i picked it back up with month and forced myself to get through it it really did get better as the story went on but i just really hated the first half of this book.

Bloodline - Conn Iggulden (24/09/15 - 25/09/15)

This series that is set in the period of the Wars of The Roses is phenomenal i liked the first book and then the second was a little bit better and now this one has blown them both out of the park. i have re fallen in love with Edward IV and i need the next book in this series now. 

Dream of You - J Lynn (28/09/15 - 28/09/15)

i decided to read this before Forever with You came out and it was a really good novella longer than i was expecting but that was a happy surprise. J Lynn could post her shopping list and would read and review that i love her books and her characters and this did not disappoint, another handsome man and another Strong willed heroine.

Forever With You - J Lynn (29/09/15 - 29/09/15)

Forever With You follows a character we met in the very first book and didn't like very much she was the horrible sl*t who we didn't want to come between Cam and Avery then again in Be With Me she threatened to come between Jase and Tessa but then she helped Tessa and we saw a different side to her then we didn't see her at all for the next couple of books and this book made me love Steph she was such a strong female with what she goes through and how she deals with it. 

Tempting The Best Man - J Lynn (29/09/15)

As i have said previously i love Jennifer L Armentrout and i through i should give these books a go and i am so glad i did they are adult romance books and i was ill all this week and they just made me feel better and reading very quick and sweet books.

Tempting The Player - J Lynn (29/09/15 - 29/09/15)

Like i said before just a really fun quick book that made me laugh out loud and fall in love with the Gamble brothers

Tempting The Bodyguard - J Lynn (29/09/15 - 29/09/15)

Look at what i said above same applies here. The Gamble brothers are almost as good as the Maddox brothers but not quite.

Rule - Jay Crownover (30/09/15 - 30/09/15)

I looked for new adult books on goodreads and this one was on there and i remember seeing it on amazon as well and decided it something was telling me i should read this book and i am so glad i did bad boys with tattoos and piercings just what i needed after being really annoyed by my reading slump.

 So that is all the books i read in September 2015

Until Next Time
Happy Reading


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  1. 20 books in one month! I am sooo impressed! And totally wishing I could read that fast. Easy by Tammara Webber is one of my favorites. Loved the story, the characters, the writing. Very memorable. I've been meaning to read On Dublin Street for so long. Good to hear you enjoyed it so much. And I love anything by JLA. She can do no wrong in my eyes. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books