Tuesday, 12 April 2016

You Were Mine - Abbi Glines

Title - You Were Mine
Author - Abbi Glines
Series - Rosemary Beach #9
ISBN - 9781471122323
Genre - New Adult
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Paperback
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Bethy and Tripp are the best kept secret in Rosemary Beach history, Tripp had a plan leave behind the life his parents have planned out he will leave at the end of the summer, but then he meets beautiful Bethy Lowry. It was only meant to be a summer fling no one even knew they were friends and when Tripp left at the end of the summer Bethy was broken even though he promised to come back for her. But by the time he eventually did, it was too late someone else had already taken his place.

Bethy is a character who has featured since the first book and has been a shining light in some of the bad times but unfortunately she has also had quite a few of those bad times and you feel so bad for in this book even though everyone else has forgiven her she cant forgive herself and there is even more she cant forgive herself for things from her past that affected her future and this is such a heartbreaking story one i truly commend Glines for writing because it is a subject not written about enough in books and it should be. 

Tripp on the other hand i can understand where he was coming from but he really annoyed me at times he even knew some of the circumstances but he still pushed and pushed when she just wanted to be left alone and everyone else i just really wanted Bethy to tell them  what was going on especially Blaire. 

It was so good to see everyone get together for the wedding and all of the family and Nate playing drums was just too cute and also the Trethy shipper. I loved every aspect of this book but i am still waiting for Bethy to tell her friends about what made her act like that in the first place. 

I only gave this a 4 flags because i was just needing some more extra scenes and it would have been perfect it just felt like their story wasn't finished like the others was. 

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