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High Season - Nacho Figueras & Jessica Whitman

Title - High Season
Author - Nacho Figueras & Jessica Whitman
Series - The Polo Season #1
ISBN - 9781455563647
Genre - Romance > Contemporary
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Kindle
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Georgia never wanted to be a jetsetter. A plain old country vet was fine for her. But one distress call from her best friend and the next thing she knows she's neck deep in the world of polo's most elite international players--complete with designer dresses, fine champagne and some of the most gorgeous thoroughbreds she's ever seen. Some of the most gorgeous men too. . .
Alejandro Del Campo needs his team to win the season's biggest polo tournament or else he's not sure how much longer they're going to be in business. What he doesn't need is some sassy new vet telling him how to run his business--and distracting him at every turn. But as they come closer and closer to the championship match, it soon becomes clear that Alejandro wants to win Georgia just as much as the tourney trophy. But can he ever convince her his world is where she truly belongs?

I brought this book on a whim and i am so glad that i did because it was just a really quick fluffy romance read one that had everything, family, friendship, love, sport, animals, a 'villain' and a great story line set in the beautiful Wellington, Florida.

The characters were a mixed bunch of people you had the normal the crazy and the idiots, Georgia was a really nice character she was a bit annoying at times but honestly i haven't met a character in one of these genres that isn't. She is a beautiful, hardworking and talented woman and she loves what she does and that is what made her to be really pleasant to read.
Alejandro was exactly like Georgia amazing to read from but a tad annoying at times and that's only because he was trying to fight his attraction and because he never told her the truth. 

The story was fast it flowed really well and i read it in one sitting, it was a really quick fun read for me but at the same time it deals with issues like abandonment and bereavement and also alcoholism. Even though it is a fun book the serious aspects of this book were written with care and treated with the respect that they deserve to be talked about. Everything about this story really complimented the world of Polo and also the serious issues it spoke about. 

I really cant wait for the next book in this series its a companion series and the next book is about Alejandro's Brother and we meet him in this book and let me just say he is one of those guys you cant imagine settling down so i believe its going to be interesting.

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