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Marked Men - Jay Crownover Series Review

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Hello All, so this is a SPOILER FREE review of The Marked Men series by Jay Crownover I actually read this series a couple of months ago but am only posting it now because the spin off series comes out next month, so i thought i would put the entire series review out there in celebration for the first book in The Saints of Denver Series.

Rule & Shaw 

What an introduction to this series, Rule is broken from his twin brothers death, and his mother blames him for it. Shaw is the good girl who was his brothers girlfriend, but there was a story behind that, what was it? 
Shaw has been in love with Rule since the first time she laid her eyes on him at 13, she kept her best friends secret from his family for a long time, will she finally get the man because when the secret comes out he may never trust her again.


Jet & Ayden

Jet is your typical rock star, but then again is he?. He believes Ayden is your typical good girl - but she has a past, one that she will not tell anyone about because she is ashamed of it but when they start a casual relationship, as passionate as theirs will it survive or will it crash and burn? 


Rome & Cora

Rome has just been discharged from the army, but when he gets back and says something stupid in front of a fiery feisty woman he ends up with beer poured over his head. When he apologises, a relationship ensues and when a curve ball is thrown their way will they survive or will they crumble under the pressure.


 Nash & Saint

Nash is a playboy, he sleeps with anything that moves. When a member of his close family is in the hospital he meets a nurse called Saint, who he remembers from school. 
Saint was bullied and ignored in High School and her crush Nash said some horrible things about her, will he get her to forgive him, and can a relationship blossom when she still has so many issues from the past.


Rowdy & Salem

Rowdy is heartbroken, he has been since he was 18 when the very same girls older sister starts working at the new shop, he is shoved back into the past. Just when he starts to realise maybe it wasn't love after all, but then his ex shows up how can Rowdy & Salem ever carry on any semblance of a relationship when she is under the same roof. 


 Asa & Royal

A criminal and a cop how will that ever work, royal has decided she doesn't care, all she wants is to sleep with this beautiful man with a sexy southern drawl. But feeling catch and families get involved how did anyone think they were going to last. 

Over all its a 5 star series some books were better then others but it was just a very consistent series, and i cannot wait to read The spin off The Saints of Denver series

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