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A Breath of Frost - Alyxandra Harvey - Spoiler Free Review

Title - A Breath of Frost
Author - Alyxandra Harvey
Series - The Lovegorve Legacy
ISBN - 9780802734433
Genre - Historical > Fantasy
My Copy - Purchased
Format - Paperback
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Emma and her cousins are about to embark on a journey that will change their lives forever, finding out about their mothers past and survive a world where it feels like everyone is hunting them. 
When Emma keeps stumbling upon dead girls who have been killed with Greymalkin Magic she become even more suspicious to everyone around her but she has help on the inside from Cormac a member of the order who will do anything to protect her but sometimes all a girl needs is her family to pull her through. Emma and her cousins must find out who is behind the murders before Emma is found unjustly guilty of the murders. 

So this is a witch book and i hate witch books, i really do i can never get into them but i love Harvey's Drake Chronicles series and also her Haunting Violet stand-alone so i decided to give it ago since its been on my shelf for two years now, and i am so angry that i didn't read this sooner and i am really sad that this was demoted to a duology because it didn't sell (but as i was writing this review i got an email saying she is going to write a self published novella wrapping up the series so that is good). Alyxandra Harvey has a way of writing that makes you want to read more she can  make you fall in love with characters you only just started reading about, but i will say it took at least 100 pages for me to really get into this book there were so many characters that it was very confusing and i really didn't connect to any of them but then all of a sudden it felt like it just clicked and i read from about page 100 to then end 482 in one sitting. 

Character wise as i said previously it was difficult to begin with but after a while you really get a sense for the different characters and i fell in love with them, and also the fact that there is a clear couple and no love triangle i was very happy, and Emma was a fun character's POV to read from, and none of the supporting characters were boring which is very rare with a cast this big. 

The story line was very complex its not one you can leave and come back to because you will probably forget some pretty important information, and i will also say i have only one bad thing to say and that is how romantic relationships were portrayed because historically they were not that touchy feely but i can forgive it because Cormac was perfect. 

So all in all i really hope the next book lives up to this one because i really loved this book and i love Alyxandra Harvey's writing as well i hope you give this book a try because it deserves more recognition than it has received.

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