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Totally Didn't Book Tag

Hi so this tag is a lot like last weeks tag but instead of a book should've had something this times its what they didn't need to have (i don't think that made any sense) some questions are repeated but i will give different answers so its not just the same post, so lets get started .....

Totally Didn't Need to have a Sequel/Sequels...

Untamed - P.C & Kristen Cast - House of Night #4

From this book onwards the story just got stupid really it could have been a 4 book series and pretty much everybody would be happy.

Totally Didn't Need To Have More Than One POV...

None, so far i have been OK with most dual POVS

Totally Didn't Need To Change Cover Art Through The Middle Of The Series ...

Sea Breeze - Abbi Glines 

Now i know the Americans and Canadians didn't get this problem but us in the UK and Australia and anywhere else I'm forgetting to mention we had lovely covers where you couldn't tell that it was a romance book the kind of covers you can read on a train and people not look at you funny, then they changed and became more like the US covers and now i cannot take them outside of my house.

Totally Didn't Need A Love Triangle ...

The Selection Series - Kiera Cass

This was always going to be a no brainer, Maxon was always end game the love triangle just pissed a lot of readers off. Myself included.

Totally Didn't Need This Book To Be Included In This Series ....

I'd Tell You I Love You, But I'd Have To Kill You - Ally Carter - Gallagher Girls Series

Really this series for me started on Book 2 and this book is my least favourite in the series but every book after it is so amazing and brilliant i really can give or take this book it bores me.

Totally Didn't Need A Cliffhanger ....

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare - Infernal Devices

I mean its not that much of a cliffhanger the whole Cecily showing up but it really didn't have to end at that because that shouldn't be a cliffhanger.

Totally Didn't Need To Have Just One POV...

Flawed - Cecelia Ahern

Now i cannot say too much about this book since its not even out yet but it would have been really good to see certain scenes from another perspective and here what others think of the situation.

Totally Didn't Need That Much Hype ...

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

I honestly didn't like this book, and i still cant understand why so many people hyped about it. I loved fangirl 10 times better.

Totally Didn't Need A Relative Book Reference (EG. Hunger Games Fans Would Love) 

Blood Read Road - Moira Young

So on the front it has some words from MTV and it says "it will satisfy the cravings of Hunger Games Fans... This Book Will Blow You Away"  I mean does it really need to do that just review a book on its own merit stop comparing them to other popular books because its not far no that book.

Totally Didn't Deserve My Time ...

The November Criminals - Sam Munson

I got this book for review and i couldn't get past 60 pages it was just a terrible book that pretty much condoned drug use and had way too much swearing in it for a YA book. 

So That is it for this weeks Tag, i hope you enjoyed

Until Next Time
Happy Reading

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