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Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy - Cassandra Clare Series Review

Hi all,so this a sort of SPOILER review for Simon journey to ascending and becoming a full Shadowhunter. I will say the review vary in size because some of the stories are a lot shorted than others so there is not much to say on those.

1. Welcome To The Shadowhunter Academy 

The first novella in this series Simon is saying goodbye to his life as an ordinary (that he remembers) mundane life, to join the coveted Shadowhunter Academy where Mundanes and Nephilim train to become the best. Along the way Simon will learn the history of the Race he will join. 

This was a very intro into the new characters and also getting reacquainted with old familiar faces as well. Like Caterina Loss, Clary, Jace and quite a few others 

2. The Lost Herondale

The Lost Herondale tells the tale of Tobias Herondale and his "crimes" and the punishment they inflicted because of that. Like the Law states "The Law is Hard, But Its The Law" and it is a very shocking story of a wife taking the punishment of her husband. 

To me this was a bit of a let down, it was good but i was expecting more. The Lost Herondale fell flat compared to the rest of the series. 

3. The Whitechapel Fiend

So this novella combines two of my favourite things Jack The Ripper and William Herondale, well Jack the Ripper with a paranormal twist. Jack the Ripper is terrorising London but the London Institute doesn't believe the Killer is Human so the gang go undercover and amazingness ensues. Not to mention Tessa is the one telling the story at the academy and Jace shows up, so you know is going to be awesome.

My favourite so far it was just packed full of amazingness and brilliant quotes so here are some of them...

"Spoon," James said running at his uncle Gabriel and jabbing him in the thigh. Gabriel mussed the boys hair affectionately. "Your such a good boy," he said "I often wonder how you could possibly be Will's."
"Spoon" James said leaning against his uncles leg lovingly. "NO Jamie" Will urged "Your Honourable father has been impugned, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK"

"Prostitutes" Tessa said. "Quite" Gabriel said "Tessa has such an extensive vocabulary" Will said "Its one of most attractive thing about her, shame about yours Gabriel."

 4. Nothing But Shadows 

This is James Herondale's story of his time at the academy and how he meets his Parabati Matthew Fairchild. It was odd to see a Herondale so down trodden and bullied for what he is. I hated Matthew at first he was a mean bully and i couldn't make myself like him but then you find out his story and why he acted like it you do feel sorry for him and understand. In this novella we also she James relationship with his parents and respect he has for his Mum and her feelings.

"How would my Mother feel" James whispered "If she knew i had been sent home i had been sent home because of... - she'll think its because of her."

"Even though we will miss you terribly." "Terribly?" James asked shyly "Your mother says she will be brave and keep a stiff upper lip" Said Father. "Americans are heartless. I will cry into my pillow every night."

5. The Evil We Love

The Evil We Love follows the circle's time at the academy and the dynamic already forming and how they acted at an early age. In the modern day Robert and Izzy Lightwood visit the Academy to tell this story with some drama going on outside the classroom as well with Simon and Izzy trying to figure out what going on between them. This Novella just reaffirmed my hatred for Valentine. 

6. Pale Kings & Princes

So this is the start of the pre-cursers for the Dark Artifices series. where we get reacquainted with Helen Blackthorn who makes a deal with the Clave that if she comes and tells the students her story, she and Aelin can come back for one day & night and get married. The story she tells was of a man who was ensnared by fey magic and tricked into loving one, and staying with her for 7 years. The he is released and then finds a nice ShadowHunter wife who he marries and has a son with then all of sudden two toddlers are on his doorstep Mark and Helen, and they raise them as their own, but that's not the whole story. The other part of the story is Simon and Izzy Holly sweet baby Jesus we had so much Sizzy in this, it was unreal. I don't want to spoil too much but if you ship Sizzy you have to read this novella.

7. Bitter of Tongue

So Bitter of Tongue we finally see a real ShadowHunter wedding not disgraced shadowhunters like Jocelyn but we have Helen and Aelins Wedding. Just before this can happen Simon gets trapped in a Fey trap and he gets help from Mark Blackthorn who is still hoping to come back to his family. Simon finally gets back and witnesses Helen and Aelin dressed in gold and marring the people they love.


"Cant talk right now," Said Beatriz "Picturing Jace Herondale in a tuxedo in my head he looks like a beautiful spy." 

"James Bond" George contributed "James Blonde?"

8. The Fiery Trial

In The Fiery Trial we finally see a Parabati ceremony and it doesn't disappoint Julian and Emma pledge to protect and keep each other safe.The Fiery Trail is what the Parabati ceremony is actually called and then we also some Simon/Clary friendship scenes and its just make me feel really gooey inside but since i don't want to spoil any of this one i will stop here.

 9. Born to Endless Night

So i am going to spoil this because i cant help it. so don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. 

Born To endless night all i have to say about this novella is Malec Baby, you have Simon as usual, then you have the entire Lightwood family all in one room and Jace and Clary all baby proofing it was just pure adorableness. Not to mention Simon walks in on Magnus and Alec in bed one of the best parts of this entire series. 

"Max Lightwood." Magnus found himself blinking, partly in perplexity, but partly because of another feeling he found much easier to define. His vision blurred again and something in his chest had twisted.

The mistake the lightwoods had made was ridiculous, and yet Magnus could not help but be stunned by their offer, and how genuine and sincere it had been.

This was a warlock child, and they were all shadowhunters. Lightwood was an old, proud Shadowhunter name. Max Lightwood had been the Lightwood's youngest son. It was a name of one of their own.

"Maybe one day it will be just you and me, my little Blueberry" Magnus said conversationally. "But not for a long, long time. We'll take care of him, you and i, wont we?"

10. Angel Twice Descending

The last in the series see Simon and his classmates ascending, but before he can do that he must say goodbye to his mundane life. His fears of not being good enough, his relationships are front and centre in this novella his with mum and sister to Clary, Izzy, Jace and all the rest as well as his classmates and Roommate George. 


"Simon, you do know that descending isn't going to be like getting bitten by a radioactive spider or something right?" 
"So your saying i wont be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? And i don't get my own batmobile? I want my money back."

"Oh nothing much, I'm just joining a supernatural cult of daemon fighters, who've forbidden me to ever see you again, Love Ya."

Isabelle laughed, "I'm not mad, If wed had sex, and you'd forgotten - which, by the way, i assure you would not be possible, daemon amnesia or no daemon amnesia - maybe id be mad"

So that is all for this review
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