Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 Reading Goals

Hello i did this last year and i didn't stick to them what so ever, so this year i am making it a little easier on my self so lets jump in 

  • Read 200 Books 
I read 205 last year and my goal was 180 so i did finish that one i want a challenge this year.

  • Re Read The Harry Potter Series 
I got a new Box set for Christmas and i haven't read them in about 4 years so i think its been long enough i need to get back into this amazing world and with Fantastic beasts being released this year i just want to re immerse myself in the world of Harry Potter.

  • Finish The Poldark Saga
I really want to finish this 12 book saga before series 2 come out i am currently reading book 5 and just brought books 7 - 9 so i am pretty sure the next couple of months is going to be about Marathon this seres

  • Get TBR down to 100 
 I have no clue what it currently is at one point last year it was about 107 then i went on a huge buying spree and it went up again. 

So that is all of my goals for this year 

Until Next Time
Happy Reading

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