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Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen - Samantha Wilcoxson

Title - Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen
Author - Samantha Wilcoxson
ISBN - 9781511803311
My Copy - Purchased
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Part 1 - Plantagenet Princess

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen follows the story of England's forgotten Queen, Elizabeth Of York the woman who was to different kings different things, a Daughter, Sister, Niece, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  She was literally the mother of the Tudor Dynasty this book starts with Elizabeth being very young and in sanctuary fearing for her and her families life, and her father coming in triumphant in his victory over Margaret of Anju. You see her parents relationship through her eyes and how beautiful and wonderful it must have been. We next see her at court her Uncles court trying to find answers on her missing brothers The Princes in the Tower (if you don't know the story look it up it is still one of the most debated things in history) Also there is the very controversial topic among historical fiction lovers did Elizabeth and Her Uncle Richard III have an affair, this was a very good take on that scenario it should please both sides of the argument( i personally loved it)

Part 2- Tudor Queen

This was very different than any EoY/Henry VIII story i have ever read in the respect that they didn't hate each other but the they didn't love each other at first sight like so many other takes on their story. It was so heartwarming to read when they were with their children or they were just being carefree something neither of them got to be when they were young. Elizabeth's Character grew so much in the second part and with everything gong on people pretending to be her brothers and dealing with her over bearing mother in law she went through so much in just 17 years of marriage . The ending had me crying tears of happiness and sadness because this book just seemed to be so real i didn't want it to end . 

The first Tudor Queen was really brought to life in this story of her from a young child up until her 37th birthday, she the Wife of a man who married her for duty but then loved her with all of his being, she was a Mother who was idolised by her children so much so, her son married 6 women trying to find the love his parents had for each other. this tale is of a strong woman who was unfortunately born a girl because you know if she was a man she would have probably been the best king on the face of the earth, but then again she could have ruled in her own right just like her Granddaughter and legacy with the same hair and name ruled just like she would have done. 

I really loved this book it is so hard to find a good early Tudor book, and this just hit every single mark, please give this book a shot it is pretty long but it is worth every minute.

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